Other Treatments

Occlusal Splints (Bite Guards) for Clenching and Grinding

The purpose of splint therapy is to allow your lower and upper jaw to come together without tooth contact, thereby reducing muscle pain and tooth wear. Many situations cause the malfunction of your lower jaw. Examples are accidents, surgery, develpomental defects, peculiar oral habits, many fillings place over numerous years, naturally occuring malocclusion (poor bite), orthodontics, psychological stress, bruxhing (abnormal, excessive tooth contact), and other conditions.

What Does an Occlusal Splint Accomplish?

This treatment has been used for many years to keep the teeth from contacting during chewing and to allow the lower jaw to return to a comfortable hinge position without interference and guidance from the teeth. When the splint has been worn a few days the jaw functions freely. Occlusal splints assist in establishing normal jaw function.