Preventative Dentistry / Dental Hygeine and Wellness

Fluoride as Preventative Therapy

As a group, dentists and physicians, as well as global health organizations favor use of fluoride in all of the following methods. Fluoride for reduction of dental decay has had more legitimate worldwide research than any other health related subject. Nevertheless, there are some groups that oppose fluoride use for various political and alleged health reasons.
The decision to use fluoride for your and your family is up to you. For almost all dentists and physicians, “anti-fluoride” arguments make no sense at all.

1. Use of small amounts of fluoride in community water supplies has been shown to significantly reduce dental decay. Your water supply may contain fluoride. If you do not know, ask your dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant.

2. Where fluoride in water supplies is not available, addition of fluoride to the diet of children whose teeth are still developing has been shown to similarly reduce the development of dental decay. About one milligram per day is the optimal dosage, with lesser amounts for young children (we will advise you of the amount for your child).

3. Application of rosin containing fluoride to teeth by your dentist or dental hygienist is well-known to significantly reduce the possibility for dental decay.

4. Placement of fluoride on teeth in the form of rinses can reduce new dental decay, depending on the concentration of fluoride.

5. Strong fluorides are used for patients who have high decay potential, such as those receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or those in orthodontic therapy.