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Amy is an example of multiple restorative and implant procedures. She had a benign tumor removed above her right lateral and central this required the removal of those two teeth. Amy's original dental surgeon grafted the site with bone and placed implants. Unfortunately, the implant drifted due to the quality of the bone. In addition, she had severe gingival recession as a result from the surgery. Amy came to Dr. Riley unhappy with her smile and they discussed treatment options such as tissue grafting and the removal of the implants. Due to personal reasons Amy did not want either.

The patient elected the following: porcelain to gold crowns over the implants and the upper right cuspid adjacent to the implants. Pink porcelain was designed to closely resemble her missing tissue and was built into crowns. Porcelain laminate veneers were placed on her upper left lateral. The remaining four bicuspids were restored with direct bonded composite veneers. When all the restorations were in place, they were custom shaped and refined on the patient by Dr. Mary Riley.

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Dr. Mary Riley, D.D.S.

Dr. Mary Frances Riley has maintained a full-time private practice in Houston for more than 30 years with a special interest in aesthetic and restorative reconstructive and implant dentistry. She has lectured on aesthetic dentistry nationally and internationally.

She has a featured article on aesthetic implant dentistry in the March 2008 issue of Dentistry Today, the leading clinical news magazine for dentists. She is currently a mentor in the Dr. Gordon Christensen Mentor Program which presents the most current, broad-based clinical and management knowledge in dentistry.

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